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A16th century Dutch skater in costume from the estate of Count Guy de Pelet. It was originally auctioned at Christie's London in good condition, but later damaged while crossing the Atlantic, and then the owner tried to fix it with roofing tar. Medium: Lead Size: 5' 4"

We received the statue in destroyed condition
The supporting leg is amputated
The tar on the leg had to be burned off
The short rebar armature was replaced with long steel pipe

In-progress: New lead has reduced the area of loss

The steel pipe goes from the foot to the crotch
The statue stands for the first time in years
Click on image to enlarge

The Dutch skaters face
Click on image to enlarge

After photo in garden before delivery
Click on image to enlarge


1.) The tar was painstakingly burned and scraped off the leg

2.) A steel pipe replaced the rebar armature. (We felt the rebar was too short and flimsy to properly support the heavy weight of the statue.)

3.) Molten lead was poured into the areas of loss while clay walls protected the undamaged part of the statue from a meltdown. (Kids, don't try this at home)

4.) This process was done in sections because of gravity

5.) Once all the loss was filled, it was contoured with a grinder, and then mounted to the base. 

6.) A new patina was applied to unify the color. We matched the original patina which had almost completely worn off.


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