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We are qualified to handle paintings that require full service treatment.

Before: This painting is thought to be young Jesus Christ
After: pictured inside frame our company restored


This painting received direct water damage which resulted in major paint loss.

Physical damage also occurred, as the homeowner tried to move it out of the house expeditiously.


It was stabilized, cleaned, relined with Beva 371 film (2.5 mil.) put back on the stretcher frame and then in-painted.


Cleaning and restoration is a very important part of owning and caring for your art collection.

Did you know that your art collection should be inspected every several years in order to maintain its finest condition?

Have you recently acquired a painting that needs restoration or cleaning and varnishing? Historical paintings should be examined and, if it has not been taken care of, it will need attention.

Our specialists have the highly refined skills to solve any problem relating to your canvases and oil on boards.

They will take that old yellowed varnish off, clean the painting and re-varnish with the most current and safest materials that are available today.

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Here's what the customer had to say,"Wow! I can't even tell it was ever damaged."
A.P Norwalk, CT.