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Directions from Savannah, Georgia:
  • Take 95 North to exit 5 (Hardeeville)
  • Turn right off the exit onto route 17/321. Drive about 2-3 minutes and bear left up the hill continuing onto Route 321. (This is where 321 splits away from 17)
  • Stay on Route 321 north for about 30 minutes until you get to the town of Estill. You'll see a black & white sign that reads Welcome to the Town of Estill.
  • Turn right at the only traffic light onto Route 3 (gas station on corner)
  • Drive about 5 minutes on Route 3 = (Browning Gate Road) away from town toward Lena
  • Look for a gentleman's farm with about 400 yards of white horse fencing and then turn right into the driveway. #1230 is on the green mailbox and there's a brick house in the distance. 

From Hilton Head Island, SC:

  • Take 95 South to exit 5 (Hardeeville)
  • Turn left off the exit onto route 17/321. Drive about 2-3 minutes and bear left up the hill continuing onto Route 321. (This is where 321 splits away from 17)
  • The directions are the same as above from this point on

FYI: Logistically speaking, Route 3 is Browning Gate Road and it's located between routes 321 and 601 more toward the town of Lena.

From Charleston, SC.

  • Take Route 17 SW toward Savannah, GA. to I95 south.
  • Get off 95 at the Route 278 Ridgeland exit. Travel on 278 North toward Hampton.
  • Bear left onto Route 3 in the town of Grays. Your landmark will be an old country store. The sign will say Route 3, as well. Continue on Route 3. You will pass through the intersection of Routes 3/601 which is the only flashing light.
  • Continue on 3 for another 5 more minutes, you'll pass another white country store with no name on the left. Two more minutes in driving, you will see signs that indicate a bridge crossing: tall rectangular yellow signs with black diagonal bands. (If it were not for the signs, you may not realize it was a bridge)
  • We are the first property on the left after the bridge. You will see our green plastic mailbox #1230. The brick house and shop are set back off the road and not readily visible. You will also see white horse fencing paralleling the road.


From Charlotte, North Carolina south to Jacksonville, FL.

(NC., SC., GA. FL.) and the coastal islands.


Large loss claims: Entire east coast

Additional territory inquiries welcome.



PLRB: Property Loss Research Bureau

CPPC: Claims Prevention Procedural Council

International Order of the Blue Goose. Atlanta, GA. Pond (formerly of the Hartford, CT Pond)

ACA: Atlanta Claims Association

4 Star Platinum Status: TheClaimsPages.com -a nationwide publishing company 

SAPFM: Society Antique Period Furniture Makers

Nature Conservancy

NWF: National Wildlife Federation-habitat instructor volunteer

CT. D.E.P Green Circle Award winners for habitat restoration projects

4H Club


We enthusiastically look forward to serving your needs.


A resident Belted King Fisher

A resident Barn Owl

Palm Trees
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Our facilities are not set up to be open to the general public.
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