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We're the best firm in the area


We close files efficiently and correctly!

Our reports have a national reputation for being outstanding.

They’re highly detailed well written legal documents that always include photo documentation.

Saving insurance companies millions of dollars in claims over the years.

Our high standards, proven methods & personal commitment will prevent problems before they happen and make claims go more smoothly.

Our versatile training & experience permits us to take on large loss claims.

If it’s restorable --- we can do it!

Whether it’s small, large, or questionable our company is capable of successfully completing the job with results.


Show your business savvy & hire the best firm in the area


  1. Full service contents claims adjustment
  2. From basic to complex restorations
  3. Restorations guaranteed
  4. Art & antique appraisals
  5. Our friendly & knowledgeable staff provides very personalized service
  6. Very competitive prices
  7. Small jobs welcome
  8. Free advice from our artisans, craftsman & art conservators
  9. Sculptor on staff
  10. Expert porcelain restorers. We're the only authorized Lladro porcelain restorers in South Carolina and coastal Georgia!