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Recent Work: One-of-a-kind Confederate Bench.
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The Confederate Bench in Renaissance style by Dimitri J. Nedelcu.
This is his most recently completed work.

The Confederate Bench by Dimitri Nedelcu
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A work in progess
Carved panels are not installed
It really has arms!
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Carved panel in progress
Carvings are in high relief, not applique

Confederate Cherub crown
The jazzy cherubs are playing Dixieland!

The crown requires more carving
This is a crude in-progress photo

The Confederate Bench by Dimitri J. Nedelcu


Size: 70 1/4" wide x 59 1/4" Tall x 21 1/4" deep

Materials: The frame is constructed of solid Walnut and the panels from solid Mahogany. Crown: solid Walnut. Cross-member hat: solid Walnut.

Upholstery: By Richard Waters of Faulkville, Georgia


Dimitri, who is also a history buff, was inspired to create his rendition of the Confederacy in furniture, after relocating from Connecticut to South Carolina. He executed this work in keeping with his classic European training, which is apparent in the bold Renaissance style with lion’s claw feet.

He replicated his arms for the arm rests, which terminate in a fist. Reverse carvings on the top of each arm intersect with the backrest.

The back panels feature two elegant Confederate soldiers admiring a beautiful southern belle.

The figures are carved in high relief and then antiqued with oil color. They are classically framed within the running Acanthus leaf ornamentation.

The crown represents two jazzy Confederate cherubs outfitted with confederate hats. One is playing Dixieland on his horn and the other holds a torch to illuminate the sheet music to Dixieland. Two Confederate flags are flying in the background. 

The bottom cross-member features an almost life-size Confederate hat, carved from walnut and oil colored.

The Confederate Bench represents a seamless marriage of two incredible periods, portrayed with grandeur.

The crowned seat cushion was made by the renowned Richard Waters of Faulkville, Ga., A master upholsterer specializing in period furniture. The 100% wool fabric is a replication of the original wool fabric once used to make the actual uniforms. It came from the Quartermaster Shoppe, the largest makers of modern day Confederate uniforms. This fabric was appropriately chosen for its historical relevance, durability, color and simplicity.

The color of the fabric harmoniously grabs the blue-gray color of the Confederate soldiers.


We are currently taking orders for the Confederate Bench.

Price upon request.



Coming Soon! Our next project will be Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers! Check back later.