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A fine antique Baroque one-of-kind hand carved giltwood chandelier featuring carvings of Poseiden, the God of The Sea  Height: 60"
This chandelier had been painted over in time and became severely weather beaten. The paint had chipped, the joints had loosened, the bronze fixture needed cleaning, the panes for the beveled crystal glasses needed rust removal and repainting. It needed complete restoration services in order to bring it back to it's original grandeur.
Once it was cleaned and prepared, the wood was gilded, as it had been originally. It was remarkable to participate in the transformation of this work of art. The restorations could be truly appreciated when looking at the restored section along side of the pre-existing area, it was awesome!

Before Restoration
It had been painted green

Poseiden before restoration

Partially gilded & antiqued


After Photo on location
Chandelier Installed

The homeowner was extremely happy with the transformation and restoration of the chandelier and said she would highly recommend us.
Her input was important to us throughout the restoration project. We kept her on board during the process so she could approve the partially restored area before we proceeded. When it came time for delivery, there were no surprises, she knew what she was getting. And for us, it was gratifying to restore a fine piece of history.

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